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[Discuss] PRISM Re: TLD for Personal Use - Email

> We have sex-offender registries online now, and by and large, nobody
cares: only parents of young children want to know, and the information is
out there for them to check. If someone who stands for election was on one
of them, I might want to know that, although I would also check on the
circumstances of the case, since some "sex offenders" were convicted only
of mooning a local politician.

Unfortunately this isn't true. Landlords and employers routinely check; the
result is that people on the sex offender list often find it very difficult
to find a place to live or to get a job. Perhaps that consequence is
justified for the real sex offenders (people who rape children, etc) but
not so much for the offender who moons a politician or the 18 year old who
has sex with a consenting 17 year old (who might have lied about not being

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