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[Discuss] newegg

Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> I've heard numerous complaints from people about newegg hard drive
> packing practice.

I haven't looked lately, but yeah, the drive reviews used to be littered
with such complaints.

> People complain about bubble wrap instead of official hard drive
> packing materials, but I don't have any philosophical objections to
> bubble wrap as long as the bubble wrap is thick and well secured,
> etc.


> They arrived with a single layer of bubble wrap (not taped or
> anything). Some of the bubbles were popped.

Several years ago I had a NewEgg order that fit that description, but no
physical drive damage (and no subsequent premature failures).

My last drive order fro NewEgg was over a year ago, and the drives came
individually packaged in the manufacturers clamshell plastic enclosures
inside individual cardboard boxes, and then in a master shipping carton.
So I though from that NewEgg had gotten past the bad packing habits.

> I called newegg, requested replacements. But then their RMA dept
> identified physical damage to the drives, shipped them back to me,
> and charged me for them.
> I've been round and round with them, but the most recent email says
> "... Any physical damages will void the Newegg warranty. ..."

Obviously it isn't your fault if they failed to adequately pack the
drives. In fact if you shipped drives in that manner to a manufacturer
for refurbishing, they'd reject them for being inadequately packed.

NewEgg should be sorting this out with their fulfillment contractor
and/or filing a claim with the shipping carrier, if they really believe
it isn't the fault of their packing.

I would talk to your credit card company, if there was one involved, and
get the charges reversed. Clearly a steady flow of complaints in the
product reviews is not having an impact.

It's rather perplexing how this behavior has persisted for so many
years. I can see it happening for a few months as people get trained or
a new fulfillment contractor comes up to speed, but years? The few cents
they save by using less bubble wrap can't possibly be making up for the
hit to their reputation and the loss of customers, not to mention the
cost of dealing with all the RMA requests.

> It wouldn't be so bad, if only they would refund or replace the
> damaged drives.

No, if they're doing it consistently, I'd still avoid them. Why take the
chance that you'll be wasting your time repackaging and shipping drives
back, not to mention that there might be non-obvious damage that doesn't
become apparent until months later.

There is certainly plenty of other places where you can buy drives.

In many ways NewEgg has lost its edge in computer parts. I can now often
find more selection, more reviews, and better prices on Amazon. What
Amazon lacks is a good parametric search engine designed for computer

> I have to say, I'm converted.  No more newegg.

Seems wise.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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