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[Discuss] newegg

Maybe you should take it on yourself to search for forums  where  you
can report this. That might gain enough attention (and lost sales) to
get the idea across that they might want to change the  way  they  do
such things.

Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
| I've heard numerous complaints from people about newegg hard drive packing practice.  People complain about bubble wrap instead of official hard drive packing materials, but I don't have any philosophical objections to bubble wrap as long as the bubble wrap is thick and well secured, etc.  Recently, I ordered 3 drives.  They arrived with a single layer of bubble wrap (not taped or anything).  Some of the bubbles were popped.  One drive works, and the other 2 were DOA.
| I called newegg, requested replacements.  They shipped me 2 drives, billing $0, and gave me a prepaid shipping label.  Said I would only be charged if I fail to return the faulty drives.  So I returned them, no problem.  But then their RMA dept identified physical damage to the drives, shipped them back to me, and charged me for them.
| I've been round and round with them, but the most recent email says "We received one hard drive with dents and one with SATA-damaged. Any physical damages will void the Newegg warranty. Our RMA team cannot further process the RMA. Please take advantage of your end-user warranty and contact the manufacturer at 1-800-SEAGATE"
| They directed me to a FAQ, which seems to imply, they get this problem a lot.
| I have to say, I'm converted.  No more newegg.
| It wouldn't be so bad, if only they would refund or replace the damaged drives.  But they won't.  If it's damaged when it's shipped to you, unfortunately that means, you just bought a brick.

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