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[Discuss] Lavabit Email Shutdown

Kent Borg wrote:
> That matters.  The NSA wants all the fruit to be low hanging.  And the
> FBI and friends like to write letters demanding records.  If the mail
> service doesn't have records...well, that makes the police state work
> for it.

Which is why some organizations have limited backup retention policies 
for mail. MIT, for example, purges backups after 14 days. This limits 
MIT's liability should it be subpoenaed for these records. MIT cannot 
provide materials it does not have.

> sense of any stored data.  To which the feds probably said: "Change your
> system to keep a copy in the clear to give to us."  And instead Lavabit
> decided to fall on their sword and go out of business.  Bravo.

I for one don't say bravo. The police state won this round.

Rich P.

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