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[Discuss] KeePassX

Kent Borg wrote:
> Interesting.  So they can brute-force an entire 32-space in a fraction
> of a second and a 64-bit space in a bit over a half a year.  But an
> 80-bit space can't be completely traversed in 38,000 years.  Even if the
> NSA is really really angry and the president says to get the
> bastard...just 80-bits is pretty dang good.

In 2011, researchers created a tool called Cloud Cracking Suite capable 
of testing 50,000 SHA-1 passwords per second using eight Amazon nVidia 
GPU instances.

Last year, a similar project stuffed 25 AMD GPUs in a 4U sized box. It 
is capable of testing just shy of 350 billion NTLM passwords per second. 
Four such boxes -- 100 GPUs -- running in parallel can surpass the 
trillion passwords per second mark. Total cost is less than $50K.

The NSA has computing facilities measured in acres.

Rich P.

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