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[Discuss] Comcast goes all encrypted video in Cambridge

On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 12:49 AM, Laura Conrad <lconrad at> wrote:
>>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> writes:
>     Bill> Any advice on cord cutting or good HDTV antennas?
> Don't literally cut the cord.  My neighbor just plugs the coax from the
> previous cable subscription into his TV and he says it's better than any
> of the antennas he's tried.

Are you sure that's not just because the cable company (Comcast?)
didn't bother to disconnect his wire from their system when the
service was canceled?   Over the years, I've learned of lots of people
who have seen this.   It is particularly likely if he has other
services (phone or Internet) service with them.   Comcast would have
to install special filters on his wire to only allow the purchased
services into his house.  If he is a Comcast customer and lives
somewhere where they are going all encrypted, he may find his service
going away soon.

Bill Bogstad

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