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[Discuss] Comcast goes all encrypted video in Cambridge

>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> writes:

    >> My neighbor just plugs the coax from the previous cable
    >> subscription into his TV and he says it's better than any of the
    >> antennas he's tried.

    Bill> Are you sure that's not just because the cable company
    Bill> (Comcast?)  didn't bother to disconnect his wire from their
    Bill> system when the service was canceled?  Over the years, I've
    Bill> learned of lots of people who have seen this.  It is
    Bill> particularly likely if he has other services (phone or
    Bill> Internet) service with them.  Comcast would have to install
    Bill> special filters on his wire to only allow the purchased
    Bill> services into his house.  If he is a Comcast customer and
    Bill> lives somewhere where they are going all encrypted, he may
    Bill> find his service going away soon.

I'm sure he's not a Comcast customer.  He doesn't believe it's cable
he's getting.  He may be wrong, in which case it will stop working soon.

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