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[Discuss] RAID Considerations [was Why are all my hard drives slow on Ubuntu? (new computer)]

On 08/28/2013 09:07 PM, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> Check ubuntu's bug reports for issues with that particular RAID 
> controller's driver.

Somewhat off-topic response...

Though RAID can do great redundancy in your disk drives, we wary of 
having a single-point-of-failure in your RAID card.

  - What quality of firmware is it running?
  - How good is its physical quality?
  - Are replacements for the controller available on short order were it 
to fail?  (Will they be next year?)
  - Are the disks from that RAID controller readable without the 
controller?, or on a different model controller?

As you might have guessed I am a big fan of software RAID as implemented 
by Linux.  It is very well tested.  And I know I can replace any needed 
parts at the local Microcenter, Fry's, etc.  Why have one very 
specialized board in my system?


P.S.  Another RAID warning: Don't run matched drives in your RAID set. 
Ironically, they might all be really high quality and not die a 
premature death, rather they might just wear out. And if they are all 
matched they might wear out at roughly the same time.  For example, one 
dies and you replace it, and in the stress of the gigantic rebuild onto 
your new drive, another of the old ones dies...  Replace RAID disks in a 
regular rotation.

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