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[Discuss] BLU's SEO (Richard Pieri)

Hello Richard,

I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with your definition below.
It is entirely off target.  Your definition is much like a climate
change detractors "understanding" of global warming or calling freeware
and free software the same thing.  

> Search engine optimization is the process of artificially improving a 
> site's search engine ranking by using or abusing the "rules" of that 
> engine to one's advantage. That's the very definition of gaming the system.

I never suggested we "optimize" the site for keywords you list unless we
have content that actually reflects those terms.  I did suggest that
CONTENT is king and that we do many things to make our legit actual
content, events, etc. show up in Google.  Even if we did this with ALL
of the content on the BLU site we still wouldn't end up on SERP 1
because there are tons of other much larger sites that are optimized and
have much more content, incoming links, etc which allow them better page
rank.  In actuality, this is what every site you use every day does
right now -- nothing other than the norm.  Every major website does
white hat SEO.       

Proper SEO efforts are all about taking content and making it
findable/indexable.  Nothing I spoke to the other day or am addressing
involves misleading or misdirecting as is the case in Blackhat SEO. 
Please read about the difference ~>
&  Note that the first link is
from Google itself.  What I referred to in my talk was using WHITEHAT
techniques to optimize findablity nothing else.   Also see this video
from Matt Cutt's of Google talking about whitehat SEO ---

Joseph Guarino
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Toastmasters ACS/CL
Evolutionary IT - Best Practice IT(tm)
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