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[Discuss] BLU's SEO (Martin Owens)

You're very welcome Joseph,

On Tue, 2013-10-22 at 07:27 -0700, Joseph Guarino wrote:
> deluded and confused

I think you mean mis-defined. I believe the two words above could be
misconstrued as pejoratives for people who have genuine undeluded

Marking is about getting attention; so lets walk over some marketing:

 1. Putting your produce on your market stall
 2. Putting apples on offer or discount as a loss leader
 3. Putting the red apples at the front of the stall
 4. Putting the apples in quiet old fashioned baskets
 5. Putting apples in the middle of the path/pavement
 6. Paying local urchins to eat delicious apples near by
 7. Branding the apples as a cure for Bloaty Head
 8. Throwing apples at people's children and laughing

There is a line which both the seller and the citizen draws, where they
reach a sort of consensus. All the items listed are manipulating the
customer, but I'd not classify 1-3 as unethical as they're well within
the social norm. I see 4, but others don't, as cynical. While the rest
are clearly more intentionally manipulative and the consensus will swing
against doing those things.

What's clear though, is that Marketing /is/ an intrusion, but it is
often an /acceptable/ consensus based intrusion. That you and Richard
have a disagreement about this consensus is not a surprise as you are
not dealing in facts, but in acceptable social conduct. So a) Marketing
is not all bad and mostly quite necessary and b) Marketing is an
intrusion so should be always considerate.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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