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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

Hello Richard,

With the greatest respect I have to disagree.  Your current
understanding of Marketing is biased to say the least.  Marketing is the
art/science of communicating value to customers.  There is nothing
inherently dishonest about that at all.  Like other fields there may be
dishonest actors within it but that doesn't detract from its value and
contributions in the hands of honest, ethical practitioners.  For
example, some of the largest open source companies in the world employ
marketing to help engage customers away from closed solutions.  This is
a positive outcome of a positive application of Marketing.  Win-Win! 
I'm so glad they effectively market because it helps FOSS grow and
thrive. I encourage you to explore the subject a bit more with a
scientific point of view and your opinion may change.  Either way, we
are both entitled to our opinion.  

Have a great day, 

Joseph Guarino
A+,CISSP,LPIC,MCSE2000-03,PMP,Healthcare IT+
Toastmasters ACS/CL
Evolutionary IT - Best Practice IT(tm)
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888.404.5074 (Office)
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> Joseph,
> Marketing is inherently unethical. At best, marketing presents 
> incomplete truths in order to paint the product as favorably as 
> possible; at worst, it's >< close to lying outright about the product. 
> Even so-called honest marketing is still done
> Pointing at Google as an 'expert' on marketing ethics is, to me, 
> laughable. Google makes money from paid advertising. The more you engage 
> in SEO/SEM practices, the more money Google makes from advertising 
> related to your site. That's a conflict of interest.
> -- 
> Rich P.
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