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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

Joseph Guarino wrote:
> With the greatest respect I have to disagree.  Your current
> understanding of Marketing is biased to say the least.  Marketing is the
> art/science of communicating value to customers.  There is nothing


Marketing is neither art nor science. It's the process of selling 
things. "Communicating value to customers" is corpspeak for advertising.

Corpspeak is fuzzy. It's ambiguous. It's used when you don't want to 
tell it straight and you don't want to lie outright. You may not be 
conscious of doing it. You may hold the best intentions. The fact 
remains: you used fuzzy, ambiguous jargon instead of plain English to 
try to sell me something. This demonstrates my statement: marketing is 
inherently unethical.

Where you or I or anyone else draws a line for what is acceptable 
practice in marketing? That's an orthogonal issue.

Rich P.

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