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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

> Joseph Guarino wrote:
>> With the greatest respect I have to disagree.  Your current
>> understanding of Marketing is biased to say the least.  Marketing is the
>> art/science of communicating value to customers.  There is nothing
> [snrk]
> Marketing is neither art nor science. It's the process of selling
> things. "Communicating value to customers" is corpspeak for advertising.

Marketing and advertising are very similar and there is a great deal of
overlap, but there are important differences.

It is marketing to say: "Hey, we can use our product to cure cancer!
That's a great market."

It is advertising to say "What color should the bikini be?"

Sometimes "corpspeak" is a good thing. It isn't always about deception,
many times it is about communication. Some ideas have negative
connotations, sometimes it is best to create a new word or phrase. It can
be deceptive, sure, like all things, but it doesn't have to be.

> Corpspeak is fuzzy. It's ambiguous. It's used when you don't want to
> tell it straight and you don't want to lie outright. You may not be
> conscious of doing it. You may hold the best intentions. The fact
> remains: you used fuzzy, ambiguous jargon instead of plain English to
> try to sell me something. This demonstrates my statement: marketing is
> inherently unethical.
> Where you or I or anyone else draws a line for what is acceptable
> practice in marketing? That's an orthogonal issue.
> --
> Rich P.
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