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[Discuss] BLU's SEO

On 10/24/2013 8:27 PM, Joseph Guarino wrote:
> Hey John/Everyone,
> John is right!  What would be unethical about presenting the positive
> message of the BLU?  =P  Worst case scenario we might gain more members
> which would benefit the FOSS community.  We should look at this an one
> way to that goal.  Is anyone else with me?  Can we just start a task
> force on this and discuss it at the next meeting.  Any thoughts on this?

I have an observation:

If you go to Google, and enter "Bill Horne" as a search term, my blog 
consistently comes up on the first page. However, my blog is in 
competition with several other Internauts named "Bill Horne", and some 
of them have reasons for being more prominent: a Clearwater, FL 
politician, a judge, a professor of veterinary anesthesiology, and a 
professional writer from Ontario, to name a few.

You'd think that these guys, being in the public eye, would have lots of 
preference over me in Google's ranking system. It stands to reason that 
their pages and pictures are in lots of other pages, with lots of other 
links, so I am at a loss to explain why my tiny, self-published blog 
comes up on page one.

Trust me: it's not content. It's not SEO. It's not anything I know about 
or planned.

Which leads to, in fact begs, the question "What am I doing right"?

Because whatever "it" is, the BLU needs to do it too.

My 2?.


Bill Horne

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