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[Discuss] dev & prod server url question

Hi All,

I have been handed a pretty large (not in hits but in code) website to
maintain.  There's a few features they would like added.  My problem
is that the code is a mess.  No comments, no documentation, very
sloppy, and error_log is so full of problems it makes my head spin.
Anyway, they don't have a development server, only production.  So I
spun up centos in virutalbox, imported the db and files.  It "works"
but there are like 170 links that point to the production server.
There's also some funny javascript I don't understand yet that I think
requires the production server.  Apparently their old admin didn't
believe in relative paths.  So is there a way I can make the
development server think it's the production server?  Like when I
click on a link that says it really just stays at  Bind?

Thanks for any tips!

Eric Chadbourne

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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