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[Discuss] learn or teach programs

Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> writes:
> freely by Caldera, but by then it was too late.?? One thing that
> might be interesting
> would be to run those early version of Unix (V7) in emulation.?? In
> that case,
> the old "learn" program would correspond well with the system that
> you were using.

Or I could try to find a real pdp 11 to put in my apartm... NO!!!, must. resist.
urge. to... Okay, better now.  Just remembered where that path can lead:  Gosh those
SGI machines are awfully cute aren't they?  Would a Moosehead O2 have
loud fans? argh. NO! stop. stop. stop. Okay.

> Here's one link to get you started:



Mike Small
smallm at

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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