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[Discuss] learn or teach programs

On Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 12:50 PM, Mike Small <smallm at> wrote:
> Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> writes:
> ...
>> freely by Caldera, but by then it was too late.   One thing that
>> might be interesting
>> would be to run those early version of Unix (V7) in emulation.   In
>> that case,
>> the old "learn" program would correspond well with the system that
>> you were using.
> Or I could try to find a real pdp 11 to put in my apartm... NO!!!, must. resist.
> urge. to... Okay, better now.  Just remembered where that path can lead:
>  Gosh those
> SGI machines are awfully cute aren't they?  Would a Moosehead O2 have
> loud fans? argh. NO! stop. stop. stop. Okay.

If you don't have room for lots of old machines, you could instead
collect lots of
emulators for old machines.   This looks like a good place to start:

Looks like they have emulators & OS images for every DEC architecture
that I ever used.  (I'm not counting Intel x86 or MIPS based computers).

Bill Bogstad

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