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[Discuss] first time build of GIT server

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of John Malloy
> Thanks for the threads on the Subversion topic.
> We are trying to test converting to GIT and are testing out the
> functionality.
> We are very new to GIT.
> we have a dev server, but we installed GIT on another server (for testing
> purposes).

I'm going to make a very strong suggestion.  Get an ubuntu server (not desktop) and follow the gitlab instructions for installing gitlab.  It's extremely excellent, their instructions are extremely accurate and straight forward.  And you get a LOT of value.

While it's good to have IDE integration, you're not going to get as much value out of it as if you use a tool that's *meant* for this purpose.  I strongly encourage installing SourceTree, and then enabling GitFlows.

At first blush, you might not think SourceTree is free (by reading the EULA).  But after you install it, you only need to register, and they give you a free license key.  Each person must register individually.

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