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[Discuss] first time build of GIT server

Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> I'm going to make a very strong suggestion.  Get an ubuntu server
> (not desktop) and follow the gitlab instructions for installing
> gitlab.  It's extremely excellent, their instructions are extremely
> accurate and straight forward.  And you get a LOT of value.

I can't speak to gitlab but setting up a dedicated server for your 
origins is a good idea. Every Git clone is a complete replica of the 
origin less any changes made since the last pull, and each pull is just 
the changes made since the previous pull. You don't need the kind of 
high-power infrastructure required by server-oriented control systems.

I can't speak specifically to Sourcetree. I choose SmartGit over it a 
while back for deployment to semi-technical and non-technical users. It 
went swimmingly. Both present file-oriented interfaces to file-oriented 
structures which makes sense to most people accustomed to using file 
browsers for browsing files.

John Malloy wrote:
 > How do I  check/out  in a package for the first time?

The first is a clone:

   git clone <URL>

After that you pull updates with pull:

   cd dir; git pull

Add new files in the working directory to the clone with add:

   git add foo

Commit changes with commit:

   git commit -m "made these changes to foo."

And finally push the changes back up to the origin, assuming you're 
using an origin. Git works equally well with the local directory being 
the only clone (e.g., etckeeper)

   git push

The TeX source for the "Pro Git" book is available under a CC license. I 
found it to be a really good starting point. Print copies are available.

Rich P.

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