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[Discuss] Antenna Signal Issues

This is not computer or linux related but I'm hoping that someone on the
list might have some technical experience in radio signals or wireless
systems for audio engineering.

I have the following wireless equipment.  2 wireless handheld mics, 2
wireless headset mics and 8 in ear wireless monitor systems(IEM).  We're
having issues with signal dropout probably due to antenna issues, those
cheap plastic ones that come with the units.  Both the handheld and headset
mics run on the 2.4Ghz spectrum and the IEM's run on 566-608Mhz.  We have
already figured out which frequencies work best for the environment, so
that's not an issue and we don't have any conflicts with WIFI.

So the issue we think we have is range issue.  Can I buy a high gain
directional antenna and a splitter and run cables to each of the
devices(single antenna array)?  Or do I need to have the mic's and IEM's
use 2 separate antenna's since one is send and one is receive?  Or do I
need to have every system use a separate antenna?

A few years back I did something similar with my WIFI router, bought a
larger +12dbi gain omnidirectional antenna and my range almost doubled.
 The idea is that if I get a more directional antenna I should get a decent
amount of gain.

Here's the equipment I'm using:
2x Line 6 XD-V75 - handheld wireless mics
2x Line 6 XD-V55HS - headset wireless mics
8x Sennheiser EW300IEMG3-G - In Ear Wireless Monitor


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