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[Discuss] Antenna Signal Issues

On 6/4/2014 9:25 AM, Matt Shields wrote:
> This is not computer or linux related but I'm hoping that someone on the
> list might have some technical experience in radio signals or wireless
> systems for audio engineering.

Wouldn't you rather talk about DMARC? ;-)

> I have the following wireless equipment.  ...
> So the issue we think we have is range issue.  Can I buy a high gain
> directional antenna and a splitter and run cables to each of the
> devices(single antenna array)?  Or do I need to have the mic's and IEM's
> use 2 separate antenna's since one is send and one is receive?  Or do I
> need to have every system use a separate antenna?

Splitters cost power; as much as 1/2 of your power can be lost when 
using them.

Directional antennas are a double-edged sword: you get /some/added gain 
in /some/ direction, but they are never perfect, and will tend to leave 
dead spots in odd places.

I suggest you start simply: elevate the transmitters and receivers above 
the floor as much as you can, for example, by placing them on top of 
emergency lights. Try to get wireless mic receivers out in the middle of 
the crowd instead of on the stage: they work better when tied to 
ceiling-mounted video projectors in the middle of the room.

Let us know how well that works. Simplest is always better.


Bill Horne
William Warren Consulting

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