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[Discuss] peer to peer software

Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> There are 4 libraries for bonjour, nothing for nat-pmp, 3 libraries
> for UPnP (and those libraries include NAT-PMP, so apparently they
> just didn't make NAT-PMP a search term.)
> I forget what else to search for, but I think those are probably all
> you care about.

I didn't comment on the prior mention of these in the thread, but these
are hardly "all you care about" for a PtP implementation. Bonjour is one
of many ways to do service discovery. UPnP is one of several ways to do
NAT traversal (and not a very desirable one, at that). (I'm not familiar
with NAT-PMP, but I gather from the name that it is also about NAT

These are useful for creating a peer-to-peer application, but they are
relatively small building blocks. It's quite conceivable that one might
create an implementation that doesn't use them at all, either because
your design chooses different, equivalent components, or your
architecture avoids the need entirely.

Thus start by studying the architecture of existing implementation that
have been proven to work well.


Tom Metro
The Perl Shop, Newton, MA, USA
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