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[Discuss] peer to peer software

On 6/7/2014 9:50 AM, Stephen Adler wrote:
> Blu,
> I'm looking to write a peer to peer application and was looking for 
> some tool kits or libraries or other software bit which I could use to 
> build my application. I did a quick search of peer to peer software 
> and all I got were discussions and books about general peer to peer 
> applications, but nothing on existing peer to peer software libraries 
> or tools which one can use in order to build your application. Is 
> there such a thing "out there"? Or do I need to write all tcp socket 
> communications from scratch? (peer discovery algorithms etc.)
> Thanks.
> Steve.
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I want to thank you all for all the comments you've sent in about peer 2 
peer. It seems to me from reading the comments that p2p is basically all 
about p2p discovery. I also realize that from the discussion, the 
internet is now broken. The way p2p is obviously supposed to work is 
sending out a broadcast udp message querying "the internet" for peers. 
Back in 1990, that may have worked, but now?... no way. So its all about 
seeding peer discovery through tricks and gimmicks. uploading an initial 
list of peers to an irc chat room, a web site, dynamic dns etc. 
Basically we are now in an era where we effectively have to hack the udp 
broad cast method. Further more, since now about everyone sits behind a 
NAT firewall, further hacks are needed for "outside ip discovery". It's 
as if we need to reboot the internet or build a new internet on top of 
the mess commercialization of the internet has done to it. I get this 
feeling that with all the firewalls spewed through the internet, the 
only port one can use is 80, and everything has to be proxyed through 
that port..... A sorry state of affairs...


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