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[Discuss] Opinions/Advice on router boxes w/ port forwarding

On Mon, Jun 16, 2014 at 06:00:58PM +0000, jc at wrote:
> While  contemplating  the   problems   our   oldish   linux
> gateway/firewall/router  has  been having, it occured to me
> that it might be a good excuse to get some experience  with
> at  least  one of the connercial boxes that do the job "out
> of the box".  And naturally it also occurred  me  that  the
> folks  on this list just might have comments to make on the
> subject.
> So what might be some good ones to try out?  We  have  some
> web sites that we're supporting, so it'd have to be limited
> to those that can do port forwarding, at  least  for  ports
> 80, 443, 22, and maybe a few others.

What's your budget? I think really highly of the Juniper
SRX240h2, for example, but if you aren't planning on moving a
couple hundred megabits per second across several links, it's
probably wasted. ($2400ish, btw.)

At another scale, a Routerboard RB2011 is $129 right from the
manufacturer ( ) and
will supply wifi, 5 gig-e ports, 5 fast-e ports, and will
certainly handle a house or small office with alacrity.


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