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[Discuss] Opinions/Advice on router boxes w/ port forwarding

I just bought one of these:
Put OpenWRT on it, and I'm loving it.  The default firmware isn't bad, 
but had some issues bridging the wifi to my wired lan (which was on this 
access point's WAN port).  Plus I wanted an excuse to put openWRT on it. 
  OpenWRT solved all my issues, and was trivial to install.

The hardware is nice because it has both 2.4GHz and 5Ghz radios, and you 
can configure them independently (e.g. make the 2.4 radio do 802.11a/n, 
and the 5Gz do 802.11s.  The dual-band radios mean you'll be able to do 
It can do all the standard firewall stuff (including port forwarding / 
NAT), even with the stock firmware.

It's also got a usb port, so you could hook up a drive to it and have it 
be a little media server too.  All for $40.

What I'd like to do is make my Verizon actiontec device a transparent 
bridge and have the TP-Link device with openwrt be the main gateway for 
my home connection (i.e. the only DHCP server, NAT box, etc), but while 
I found some instructions on how to do that, I don't have the nerve to 
try it quite yet.


On 06/16/2014 06:00 PM, jc at wrote:
> While  contemplating  the   problems   our   oldish   linux
> gateway/firewall/router  has  been having, it occured to me
> that it might be a good excuse to get some experience  with
> at  least  one of the connercial boxes that do the job "out
> of the box".  And naturally it also occurred  me  that  the
> folks  on this list just might have comments to make on the
> subject.
> So what might be some good ones to try out?  We  have  some
> web sites that we're supporting, so it'd have to be limited
> to those that can do port forwarding, at  least  for  ports
> 80, 443, 22, and maybe a few others.
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