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[Discuss] port forwarding for a Tornon-exit relay

I'm working on a video for the Free Software Foundation and Electronic 
Frontier Foundation describing the
installation and setup of a Tor non-exit relay on a GNU/Linux system.  
The notion here is to facilitate setting up a relay  so as many people 
as possible will do it.

I'm writing a bash script that:

1))  installs Tor on on systems with Debian (apt) or Red Hat (yum) 
package managers
2))  sets up the Tor relay config file
3))  gives the user as much information as possible about the status of 
the ports the Tor relay uses
          The port numbers are:  9001  and  9030
          Are these ports open?  If not, port forwarding is required.
          Can the router be identified (manufacturer and model number) 
using the script?
          Is the router IP address ?
          What information does the user need to set up port forwarding ?

I need some advice on 3)) so the user can set up port forwarding and 
thus activate the Tor relay.

specifically --  command-line network diagnostic tools  that detect and 
display the status of communication to and from the Tor relay and the 
Tor network so that these diagnostics cam be included in the script.

  The video will essentially tell where to get the script and how to run it.

Regards and Thanks,

Dan Fitzmartin
danfitzm at

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