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[Discuss] Verizon blacklisted me

On 8/6/2014 16:00, Daniel Barrett wrote:
> On August 6, 2014, Joe Polcari wrote:
>> Check your IP here
> Thank you! My currently-assigned dynamic IP address is apparently on
> two blacklists, Spamhaus ZEN and SORBS DUHL.
> That was really, really helpful. Thank you Joe.
> Next task... try to figure out how to get a different IP address from
> Verizon.  Power-cycling my Verizon router didn't do it.
That IP is on those lists precisely because it is a dynamic address.
Getting another address won't help; it will also be on those lists.

And this is how it should be.  Your IP shouldn't be sending email
directly to the recipient's mail server.  If you *are* running your own
mail server, you should be smart-hosting through Verizon's email server.
 If you're not running your own server, the presence of your IP won't
matter when sending to properly-configured mail servers.

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