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[Discuss] kinda shot myself in the foot with UHD monitors

So I got want I always wanted... the best freeken monitors I could get 
my hands on.... Samsung UHD LU28D590DS/ZA. (As it turns out, there's a 
new 32" monitor which just came out, so be it for getting my hands on 
the latest technology....)

So I've run into a rather unexpected problem, I have a monitor with too 
much resolution. I never thought that could possibly happen. My main 
problem is that the font on all the applications I run are just too 
small to read. So I spent time digging through all the font options (I 
use the Gnome desktop environment) and found an option which would scale 
up all the fonts by a factor of 2. So that kinda helped. Now my fonts 
all look odd.

Basically, I've ended up with a rather ugly looking environment with 
mismatched font sizes and icons. For example when I run thunderbird, 
most of the fonts are readable, but the text in the actual emails comes 
up in the default font size of 10 or 11 points or something like that 
and I cant read it. I can use the wheel button to zoom the text so I can 
read it but its just an awkward work around.

So, has anyone run into this UHD problem? Are there any gnome set ups 
designed for UHD resolution which fix all the font and icons to be 
working together to give one a pleasing visual experience when viewing 
all the application windows?



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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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