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[Discuss] kinda shot myself in the foot with UHD monitors

On 9/6/2014 11:19 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> Your problem isn't too many pixels.  It's too many pixels-per-inch
> (too much density).

AKA "dot pitch" or dots per inch (DPI).

The most correct technical solution has nothing to do with the desktop
environment or fonts being used. Nor is it changing the display
resolution (which will simply look bad), using magnifying glasses or
sucking it up. It's to override the X server's DPI using xrandr assuming
a RandR compliant driver.

"xrandr --dpi 96" is the default for most X servers. Change 96 to 120
for 25% magnification, 144 for 50% magnification, 168 for 75%
magnification, and 192 for 100% magnification.

For other drivers you need to set DPI in the Monitor section of your
Xserver config file or as an argument to the command that starts the
server. Check the man page for your driver/X server for specifics.

Rich P.

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