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[Discuss] DNS providers

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> So apparently their testing tool is in the cloud (thus they control the
> locations)

Yup, if you simply browse, it's a simple web form, you enter your domain name, and they test it for you and give you a report.

The report, in and of itself, is very useful (I recommend trying it at least once so you can see all the stuff they scan.)  But for the purposes of this discussion about DNS performance, yes they're testing from whatever network they're hosted on, and although they test from three timezones, it's their hosting network, not your home ISP network.

So they're doing lots of good stuff, but one thing they're not doing is to collect data from lots of home ISP's.  The results they have are good for me as an admin wanting to check the proper behavior of my DNS servers, but not representative of the experience I have as a FiOS customer, on at least the handful of domains I was able to check for comparison.

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