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[Discuss] xfs repair


I'm preparing to building several multi terabyte file systems using XFS. 
On the order of 5-10 terabytes. I've done a bit of searching on the web 
to find out what is the customary way to check xfs file systems. with 
the other file systems, you would get a forced fsck ever N number of 
mounts thus repairing any "gunk" in the file system. With XFS, no fsck 
is performed. fsck.xfs will return passed and not execute. Thus one 
needs to run xfs_repair every now and then I suppose. So my question is 
what is the customary frequency one runs xfs_repair on their xfs file 
systems. Every 6 months? Do it via a cron job every week making sure you 
can dismount the file system first and then remount it when done? It's 
been beaten into me over the years I've managed linux/unix systems that 
fscks must be done with some kind of periodicity otherwise suffer from 
file corruption due to bit decay I suppose.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers. Steve.

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