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[Discuss] Home security & automation

I have three of the primary cameras andmy network gear on battery backup.
The cameras are also are IR capable.

I don't track the FTP traffic ....But the emailed photos are about 40K each
and are on movement only.

I use Foscam FI8918W and Foscam FI8905W cameras.


[image: Displaying 00626E441697(Truck)_m20140924144203.jpg]

With IR using IR
[image: Displaying 00E04C8E5372(Front)_m20140925182708.jpg]

> They are wireless IP cameras the can stream to a server, also FTP
> and email photos.  I also use a free android app to view six cameras.   I
> my place is robbed I would much rather say to the cops "The person(s) that
> took my stuff look like this." than yes my place was robbed at 4:24PM,
> that's when the alarm went off.  (I have one camera at each door to my
> house

A decentralized plan like this might work best.
What about power and lighting? Deidcated or shared network?

What has been your experience with camera brands, models, recommended

If you have ftp set up how much data transfer does this use per month?


Thank you,
*Bob Dunphy* - *Sr. Systems Engineer  *

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