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[Discuss] raid controller drivers

On 09/26/2014 01:59 PM, Richard Pieri wrote:
> On 9/26/2014 1:14 PM, Bill Ricker wrote:
>> Agreed. Which is why video on this laptop is scary ...
> For reference, AMD's early CPUs are rated at around 95C. The last of 
> the first generation Pentium-M processors is rated at 100C. Yes, 100C 
> for a notebook processor.
> There's a reason why manufacturers stopped calling them "laptops". 
> It's first degree burns. Seriously.

Well, I think I can put this novel of my system upgrade to rest. My last 
bit of "configuring" was to add a PCI slot fan next to my raid 
controller card. The fans on this PCI fan card blow air right on top of 
the heat sink. The temp on the LSI chip has dropped from 76 (which has 
been claimed to be OK on this posting) down to 51 deg Celsius. So if 76 
was ok, 51 is like ice cold. I was thinking about how I re-configured my 
desktop, by adding this 8 channel raid controller card. All my IO, well, 
maybe 99.9999% (excluding io to USB devices like thumb drives or when I 
burn a DVD) goes through that LSI chip. I've basically put all my IO 
eggs in one small 40mmx40mm processor chip. So maybe going the extra 
mile (or several with my trip to microcenter to buy the PCI fan card) 
may have been worth it, at least calm down my own paranoid nerves.


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