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[Discuss] raid controller drivers

On 9/25/2014 6:58 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> I didn't think the OP was talking about soft raid.  If it's hardware
> raid, then grub & kernels don't know and don't care about the raid,
> as long as the driver is present.  Which he said it is; it's just a
> matter of rebuilding the initrd to include it.

Which may or may not actually work on a given server for a couple of 

GRUB uses the system BIOS to enumerate devices. A device that the BIOS 
does not see cannot be booted with GRUB.

The Linux kernel uses logic different from GRUB to enumerate devices. 
This frequently causes device ID discrepancies that cause kernel panics 
on boot because the root file system that GRUB passes cannot be found by 
the kernel. File system labels and device/partition UUIDs were 
introduced specifically to address these discrepancies. In my experience 
they are not reliable for some configurations.

Rich P.

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