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[Discuss] iGuardian "enterprise-grade" home router

Richard Pieri wrote:
> ER Lite does not do DPI...
> iGuardian will run out of RAM for active connections sooner than ER Lite.

Agreed, but the thought experiment was how would the iGuardian compare
to the ER Lite if you ran SNORT on the latter.

Both are open platforms so you could configure either to have or not
have DPI.

iGuardian FAQ says they're only promising 50 Mbps for the first release
product. Tuned systems running the same chip can hit 250 Mbps. Probably
not a practical limitation for most users, but compare that to the ER
Lite that claims to do 1 million packets/second (64B packets, 3 Gbps),
of course without DPI.

Dan Ritter wrote:
> The Mirabox is a now-shipping $150 ARM computer:
> 1.2GHz Armada370 cpu
> 1 GB RAM

Not bad, but without hardware acceleration it might still be slower than
the others at the task of shuffling around packets or DPI.

> 2 gigabit ethernet ports

Which means if you want to partition your network to have a DMZ and/or a
guest wireless access point you need to use VLANs and a VLAN switch.
(Something the platforms with more ports are likely doing also, but they
do it with a small internal VLAN switch.)


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