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[Discuss] CipherShed: TrueCrypt fork

Rich Pieri suggests:
> Or inside the box this time around: dog cages. A heavy duty, welded
> steel dog cage will run you $300-$500 depending on the size. Bolt the
> cage to the floor, put your server(s) in it, and lock it with a good
> padlock. Voila! your own secure data cage.

Thank you, Tom Metro, for engaging on the actual technical merits of this
topic. But at my workplace we just had a good-bye celebration for a 9-year
veteran of my company so I've had a couple drinks, and got a laugh out of
Rich's suggestion here so I'll address his first and then look at yours later
tonight or tomorrow.

So: the dog-cage idea. Well, I did point out that I moved from Cambridge
($360/square foot) to San Francisco ($1200/square foot). Your cage idea's a
good one in locales where space isn't at such a premium. Like any good DevOps
guy, I've got two-of-everything, and to avoid the cruise-ship-fire scenario
(wherein there have been multiple cases where the redundant diesel generators
were both in the same room, knocked out by a single fire onboard $billion
cruise ships), the servers are separated on different floors. So I have to
install big-ugly dog cages on two levels of a pricey condo. I love the idea
but household members probably won't. ;-/

Maybe I'll commission a sculpture artist to help implement this idea?


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