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[Discuss] Server/laptop full-disk encryption

FWIW, when I first started playing with computers, and was very poor, I 
used to take whatever my neighbors would discard on trash day and fix it 
up.  I found a some personal info.  Of course I didn't abuse this, but 
if it was encrypted it would have made me seeing it much harder.  I 
think hard drive encryption should be default.  On the other side of 
things because drives often aren't encrypted I have been able to 
retrieve files for others.

I currently work for an international nonprofit and in a meeting today 
we had a brief discussion about the difficulties of protesters in Hong 
Kong.  I wager that all of the leaders devices have been fully exploited 
by now.  Bet they wish they had their data and communication secure.

Fascinating discussion that goes far beyond a single laptop.

Eric Chadbourne

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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