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[Discuss] Server/laptop full-disk encryption

Bill wrote:
> And we are back to what is your threat model and potentially
> "rubber hose" key retrieval.
> Or for that matter, if you have a "lot of money" do you have
> paper copies of your financial statements and if so do you keep
> them in a locked safe?  And what about someone setting up a spy
> camera in your home/favorite coffeee shop, so they can record you
> typing your password/key before they steal your laptop.   Where
> does it all end?

Stop. I'm not talking about the targeted gun-in-your-face robbery type of
attack. I'm talking about the common thief who gets your hard drives and turns
them (or a binary image copy) over (for a nominal price to pay for his next
fix) to an organized extortion ring of the type that is proliferating overseas
(which is scanning thousands of these data images to seek soft targets). Y'all
have seen this in the news, I'm not just making things up as a paranoid
delusion. All of us have sufficient data on our home servers to make us a

Can we get to a technical discussion of key-server utilities, or is this where
the conversation devolves into nothingness?


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