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[Discuss] Cell phones and towers

I have been tasked with finding a way to get strong cell service to a
residential/business address in Massachusetts whose closest tower is
about 2 miles away, and whose visitors, residents, and employees have
different carriers.

I have researched some range extenders, such as Wilson products.

We aim for a low-profile solution - no towers, but we can attach what
is needed to the inside and/or outside of the building (large
two-story house plus basement).   The address has multiple rooms on
each floor, and is an older building (early 1900s maybe)?

If we believe, the closest registered tower is about
2 miles away and happens to be Verizon.

What are the best options for bring multiple carrier signals to the address?

I looked for an email address for AT&T Wireless, for example, but
could not find one - just an option to call customer service.   I have
a strong feeling that initial call would go over the person's head,
that an email would eventually be delivered to the correct party.

For those who have had to explore bring multiple carriers to a soho of
sorts, in Massachusetts, whom have you gone through?    What were the
rates for the consultant/professional?   What were the end results for
signal quality of the handset users?



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