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[Discuss] Mandriva out of business

Steve Litt <slitt at> writes:
> This is truly a shame. I used Mandrake/Mandriva to run my business
> 2001-2007. For a person who didn't have broadband, Mandrake/Mandriva
> was a blessing.

For people who like that distro there's still Mageia. From the sounds of
it, the actual work is still done by many of those same developers who
did it before, though, sadly, without the paycheque. Perhaps they have a
donate button. They do appear to have a non-profit one could donate to,
which at least would help pay plane tickets to and accomodations at

I noticed from his sig that a fairly prominent Perl developer uses it,
so my guess is it can't be too bad, so Mandriva fans need not mourn
unless they were particular fans of the original executive staff.

Mike Small
smallm at

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