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[Discuss] Cross platform Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware

On 05/29/2015 10:06 AM, Matt Shields wrote:
> I'm fishing for what others are using for anti-virus/anti-malware on their
> Windows and Linux servers.  Both commercial and open-source is an option.

I had some bad experiences with McAfee for linux
 When the thing does periodic scans, it gives itself the highest
priority on the box, effectively shutting down everything else that
machine was doing.  Which is exactly what I am looking for in an
anti-virus product....

Also, the interface is just awful.  There is no way to tell it to scan a
single file (e.g. something suspicious you just downloaded); you instead
have to set up a 'job' that scans a particular directory (your
quarantine dir), and you can run that job on-demand.

Finally, probably not relevant to most people, there is no "stream"
interface; i.e, scan a stream of bytes without actually writing anything
to the filesystem.

ClamAV solves both issues: single-file on-demand scans and an
in-memory/stream interface.  Unfortunately it doesn't detect a whole
lot.  I periodically save off obviously malicious spam in a sandbox VM
just to see what ClamAV comes up with.  Almost never flags anything.

Which isn't surprising, signature-base virus scanning is a losing
proposition in this day and age.

W.r.t. anti-malware, rootkit-hunter is a bare minimum you might want to
look at.  I think there are windows equivalents.


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