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[Discuss] Multiple submissions of resume by recruiters and

Thanks everyone for answering my question. The whole job searching
process is a puzzle to me, in a kind of Alice in Wonderland sort of way,
so every bit of information helps.

"Rich Braun" <richb at> writes:
> If you're unemployed, it's obviously tempting to go all-out with a fancy
> LinkedIn profile.  But it's also much harder to get the interviews you want,
> if you're not perceived as someone who needs to be wooed away from an existing
> employer.  So the multiple-submission problem affects you more than others,

The flip side of companies figuring the only worthy are those already
employed is to be skeptical of a company who needs people. If newspaper
stories are any guide, these last few years people have been hanging on
to their existing jobs like life rafts. So except for start ups or other
companies growing for some reason, you kind of have to wonder why a
company with an opening couldn't satisfy its previous employees. Makes
me wonder why people change jobs so often, those who do, or more to the
point, why my self appointed career advisers think it important that I
do. Certainly the few times I've poked my head up the grass did not look

You wonder if unemployed people might become more appealing. One thing I
notice among the few recruiters, etc. I've spoken to is that employers
are really looking for good deals. I'd think they'd have better luck
with people who really need another job.

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