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[Discuss] Multiple submissions of resume by recruiters and

On 6/5/2015 7:03 AM, Mike Small wrote:
> Thanks everyone for answering my question. The whole job searching
> process is a puzzle to me, in a kind of Alice in Wonderland sort of way,
> so every bit of information helps.

The job searching process is harder than any job you'll ever hold. It's 
filled with every imaginable impediment to success: self-doubt, 
uncertainty, hidden agendas, "Tombstone" help-wanted ads, and "buzzword 
baby" competitors whom think nothing of lying about credentials, 
certifications, and accomplishments - when you are being honest.

We've all heard the trite "Little train that could" aphorisms ...
"It's not what you know, it's who you know."
"Rolodex, Rolodex, Rolodex"
"If you believe you're an expert, then you _are_ an expert."
... but they all ring hollow when the bills are due and the 
twenty-somethings at the front desks look at you like you just crawled 
out of a grave.

I say "Keep at it", but you've already heard that. I'll just mention the 
things which have worked for me:

 1. Job search groups. They help a lot.
 2. Be wiling to relocate if the money's too good to pass up.
 3. Keep yourself current, and keep your name in the public eye.

I hope you have good luck, and if you know of someone who wants their 
telephones fixed, please keep me in mind. Oh, and if you ever see that 
hookah-smoking caterpillar tell it that my head is already nourished, 
thankyouverymuch. ;-)


E. William Horne
617-803-0992 (Cell)

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