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[Discuss] Multiple submissions of resume by recruiters and

On 6/5/2015 9:26 AM, Seth Gordon wrote:
> I think one reason is that if you spend a number of years at one job, 
> your experience may qualify you for a more challenging or 
> higher-ranking position, but just because you are able to fill that 
> role doesn?t mean your current employer will have that role for you to 
> fill. At that point, it?s logical for you to look for a more 
> appropriate position somewhere else. 

There's a darker side to that issue: technical professionals such as we 
tend to undervalue our worth to the organizations we're in, and we're 
often unaware of the backroom politics and deal-making which we're not 
privy to. I had two occasions, when working for Verizon, where I found 
that the higher-ups in the organization had forbidden other managers 
from offering me jobs I had applied for, or had blocked the move 
outright when the department that wanted me wasn't willing to back off.

It's always wise to keep looking for other jobs, even when you're 
content with the one you have: knowing that you can say "Goodbye" goes a 
long way toward keeping the everyday office politics and other trivia in 


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