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[Discuss] Multiple submissions of resume by recruiters and

Bill Horne <bill at> writes:
> I say "Keep at it", but you've already heard that. I'll just mention
> the things which have worked for me:
> 1. Job search groups. They help a lot.
> 2. Be wiling to relocate if the money's too good to pass up.
> 3. Keep yourself current, and keep your name in the public eye.
> I hope you have good luck, and if you know of someone who wants their
> telephones fixed, please keep me in mind. Oh, and if you ever see that
> hookah-smoking caterpillar tell it that my head is already nourished,
> thankyouverymuch. ;-)

Thanks for the encouragement and advice. It makes sense. Yet weighed
against that is the time and mental energy of attending to such things.
A part of me thinks of a certain person I grew up with who seems to live
fairly carefree with his wife in the mountains of British Columbia
(speaking of smoking up). I imagine him laughing at my full on Ward
Cleaver approach to life and attendant anxiety about remaining
acceptable to the corporate world. Then I think with the time I spent on
career related stuff this year I could have figured out how to install
Plan 9 on my other laptop (imaginary guy in mountains now slaps is
forehead). Well, no doubt there's some middle ground to partly address
the one hand as well as the other.

Mike Small
smallm at

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