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[Discuss] Juniper VPN's

On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 4:35 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro+blu at> wrote:

> The funny thing about these proprietary VPNs is that they give the
> perception of being easier to use for the non-techie Windows users, yet
> then tend to be significantly time consuming to work with for power
> users. Open source has taken over most fields. Why are VPNs still a
> holdout? Is there not a super easy OpenVPN client for Windows yet? I
> know there is commercial support for OpenVPN.

It's been my experience that OpenVPN works great on Linux, Windows, MacOS,
ans iOS. I don't have an Android device to try it on, but I'd be surprised
if it didn't work great there, too.

I deployed OpenVPN at a company I used to work for, and never had a problem
with it for four years.

Unfortunately, the company decided to consolidate all their IT
infrastructure worldwide, and the new CIO they hired basically ripped out
all the Linux servers in the US office and replaced them with the same
Windows infrastructure they had at the main office in Europe. OpenVPN in
particular was deemed unsuitable because its licensing costs were zero.

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