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[Discuss] memory management

Hardware design, several things.  Primarily EM simulation and big FPGA sim,
complex analog sim, or just big schematics.  When doing a schematic review,
it is helpful to have half a dozen or more large PDFs (datasheets) open
while viewing schematics, a few spreadsheets, some Word & Visio design
docs, and other miscellaneous goodies.  I can open/close things as needed,
but that makes it take 2-3 times as long (a week instead of a day and a

32GB is OK for this.  64GB would be nicer.  I might ask for it next year.
It would be nice to still be able to work on other things effectively while
a signal integrity/crosstalk sim is crunching numbers.

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On Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 11:48 AM, Mike Small <smallm at> wrote:

> Drew Van Zandt <drew.vanzandt at> writes:
> > 16GB seems like a small amount of memory to me; I generally use 24GB
> > or more.  Different strokes...
> >
> > --DTVZ
> Gaming or simulation?  What struggles at 16GB?
> --
> Mike Small
> smallm at

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