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[Discuss] SSD Drives

On 6/20/2015 9:27 AM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
> At last Wednesday's BLU meeting a discussion was started regarding some
> issues with the Samsung SSD drives and some bugs in their firmware.
> In my case I didn't have my laptop, but I have an Intel SSD not that it
> matters.

There is a design flaw in the Samsung 840 EVO drives. Only the 840 EVO 
drives are affected; the flaw does not affect 840 PRO or any 850 series 
or any other vendor's drives. The 19nm NAND chips in 840 EVO combined 
with buggy firmware caused the drives to go into error correcting mode 
when reading data more than 8 weeks old. Samsung has since released a 
firmware update that appears to correct the problem. This is based on 
early reports 8 weeks after the firmware release indicating that the 
performance degradation is no longer an issue.

Rich P.

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