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[Discuss] large log file transfer

Jack Coats <jack at> writes:

> Why split it?? It depends on how big big is.? Even compressed by gzip
> -9 if the file is 'too large', splitting it in half (or more parts)
> to get the size of each compressed portion below the threshold of
> data transfer 'pain' can make it possible to transfer large files
> over 'limited' links or with 'limited size media'.? I first ran into
> split back when using 128K floppy diskettes to move files.? The
> concept is still the same, just the definition of 'large' has
> changed.

To fit something of a given size into multiple bins smaller than that
splitting makes sense.  I'm not seeing the value for network transfers
unless a continue/resume feature or rsync is not available. It's more
work and clumsy.

Btw. there's an interview with curl's author on

17 years and 13k hours mainting curl!

Mike Small
smallm at

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