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[Discuss] NAS: lots of bays vs. lots of boxes

On 07/05/2015 09:04 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
>> From: Discuss [ at] On
>> Behalf Of Tom Metro
>> I'm more interested in clever ways of using multiple, cheap, commodity
>> NAS boxes, Google-style. For example, for the same cost as that $600+
>> (diskless) DIY NAS I linked to, I can get 4 of the QNAP 2-bay boxes and
>> maybe combine them with something like MooseFS. You get redundancy
>> where
>> some number of the boxes can go down, and it still keeps working, and
>> you can expand capacity by adding more boxes (if drive density increases
>> don't keep pace).
> I think the leaders in this space are glusterfs, and ceph. But I'm sure each one has their own individual strengths and weaknesses. Among them is compatibility -

I don't think you're going to get anything like this to work with windows or mac clients,

You can connect to MooseFS via samba. There is a production installation with hundreds of windows boxes
connecting to MooseFS via smb.

  or have an android or ios app.

No android or IOS app, yet.

-- F. Ozbek

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